Saturday, January 13, 2007


What must God think when our poems to him have become short and shallow? Our prayers long and pointless? Our worship a rock concert? O Lord where have Bach, Ambrose, Luther, and Bernard of Clairvaux gone? Where have the great poets who praised you with the full beauty of language, and the full glory of belief?
Now we have songs that repeat the same phrase over and over, words which a child could have written! Shallow shouts of praise with no declaration of your worthiness to be praised! Do you O Lord accept the praise of those who do not know why to praise you? Do you accept the praise of a sinner who does not know their sinfulness? Are you O Lord merely a selfish being who just wants our praise? Or are you the loving, almighty, and ever living God which Christians preached for centuries, or are you the get rich scheme that is preached today?
O Lord, may I ever be mindful of my sin and shame that I may always remember why you are worthy of praise. May I surrender over my soul over to you for the purging fire, and not merely spew forth meaningless babble which makes others feel good. I would rather suffer the pangs of Hell and have you as you are, then have the joys of heaven and have a lie.