Saturday, August 9, 2008

Creation Story

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Word proceeded from the One eternal deity and produced others, finite others. The Word created the finite, who would always be infinitely other than the deity. Even without the Fall of man we were other to God. O fortunate fall! Oh happy fault! For the Word became flesh and dwellt among us, and his was the glory of the eternal Father. His was an infinite majesty, and endless glory. Yet despite his infinite deity he humbled himself and became finite. The infinite Other became finite and dwellt with us, and in that dwelling we entered into the infinite majesty, the infinite Glory. We are ontologically incapable of uniting with the absolute Other as it is an infinite divide between creator and created. Only the infinite deity could cross the infinite gap predicated by mere existence. And so the infinite became finite, and in becoming finite bridged the infinite gap and now we can have union with the infinite God.

How to live in darkness

What is the point of life? Why do we live? why do we suffer? why do we continually go day by day suffering infirmities, suffering scorn, suffering pain, loss, anger, sorrow and death? There is only one reason why we live, there is only one reason that we can claim to carry us through the tempestuous sea of life. We live to bring Glory to God.
I recently had a dream in which two friends died within a few days of each other, and in it I screamed and raged, I felt such anger, such disgust with life. I turned to a mentor and shared such thoughts, such pain over death, and his response was not words, or advice. He merely joined in a song that rose from the sullen earth, the land of the shadow of death. To remember that glad strain! that brilliant report! But alas I can only remember a little

Praise be to God the Father,
creator of Earth and Heaven above.
Praise be to the resurrected son,
ever living sacrifice of love,
Praise be to the sustaining Spirit,
immediate baptismal dove.

At which point I stopped thinking of the song and thought instead of how long it has been since I bowed down giving honor and praise to the Triune Deity, how long its been since I ceased my ever present selfish thoughts and focused on the brilliant Glory of the uncreated ineffable light.
We were created to glorify God. To rest in mystic sweet communion gazing in all encompassing love upon the brilliant Glory of God. I have failed to live a proper life, I have been caught up in the waves and tides of the world, thrown about by the tempest of a sinful existence, lost in terrible self love. Lord be thou my vision and thou alone, let none else enter my gaze and let me fall in abject praise of thy eternal uncreated Glory! May my life be filled with thou and thou alone!