Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In Christ

When I lay under sins crushing weight,
With no rest into the nights hours late,
I ponder a love so great, so divine,
That I weep to think one day it will be mine.

When I struggle to live sanctified,
And find no hope in that I am justified,
I look to God with weeping eyes,
And see that all hope at his feet lies.

When all the world around me crumble,
And my life through time a hopeless tumble,
Upon the hill which my lord had died,
I sacrifice all my vain and heavy pride.

When death and decay surround me,
And everything disappears except for thee,
In thy quiet Easter morning hours,
I rest assured in thy resurrected powers.

Then with you in my heavenly home,
Experiencing for the first time a love I had known,
All my life falls beneath my thought,
As I experience the joy I had sought.

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