Sunday, March 4, 2007


We are all broken. We are all living in a broken world, a world of hurt and sorrow, a world of addiction and sin, a world in which we do not do what we want to do, and we do that which we loathe to do. what wretched man that I am!

Oh God!!! Are you a deceptive brook? a white washed tomb!? Are you a siren leading men to their doom? Oh LORD where art thou! Where is thy holy redemption!?

Baby boys who hate their mothers, fathers who drink away the pain, brothers who run away, and sisters broken by the pain of fame. Sorrow, oh sorrow stands around on every hand, no escape from this misearble existance where men exploit others for greed and pleasure, sex is but commodity to be marketed and sold, love is a universal that can be swapped at will, truth is marginalized to minimize conflict, and conflict rises over too little food....Oh LORD!! How broken are we! How horribly destroyed screwed up and worthless are we. Save Me Oh God! Save me from my sinful wretchedness! Save me from all the pain and sorrow that I cause, save me from the broken relationships, and ignored brothers....Save me from myself of Lord! Father forgive! For I have no excuse I am an abusive, arrogant, loathsome addict who does not even know all the sins which I commit......OH DEAR GOD! FATHER FORGIVE!

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