Thursday, June 28, 2007

Righteous Judgement

Evil lives in the knowledge that it will be destroyed, it lives to die, while righteousness lives for Christ which is Life eternal. Satan exists with the constant knowledge that his doom is assured, and his damnation total. God has judged him, condemned him and one day when we are made righteous we will join God in condemning him and we will rejoice and glorify in our enemies total and utter defeat in the fiery pits of hell. God has redeemed and bought us through His Holy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ in the waters of baptism. We are no longer merely creatures of God who cannot take part in His existance and His plan, instead we are now children of God with his will before us in the incarnation of His Word and we are able to participate with him in his redemption of the world.
God so loved us the he sent his only Son that whoever believes in him may not perish but have eternal life. But that life is not just an artefact to be had after death, it is a gift given to us in this life. A new Life, Zoe, one which does not perish when this body dies but one which has the mark of the incarnate God within. God dwells within us through the Holy Spirit, and we live a life in the already present reality of evil's defeat. Even while we mourn the poor, we feast with them at the Lamb's high feast, even as we clean leprous sores, we rejoice in bodies made whole, and even while we comfort the grieving heart we rejoice in the resurrection. Christ has died, Christ is risen!, and Christ will come again, even as we are Christ to one another. Amen

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