Monday, September 3, 2007

Job complex

Complaint and Response
Tormented by visions of my sin,
by the God who is never 'in',
prayers unanswered,
arguments unrebutted.
Where are you God?

Death and sorrow 'round on every hand,
guilt too great to even stand,
sin and pain addicted
God in my eyes not acquitted,
Where are you God?

I cry my complaint before you,
Hoping you never knew,
that help you were unable,
and not that you are sadism culpable,
Where are you God?

Where are you worm?
When I the stars and galaxies form?
Where were you when I hung on the tree,
that you did not have to live without me?
I AM here!

Can you understand the foundations of the earth?
Or alone have the miracle of birth?
Can you make a tree sprout and grow,
or command the wind which way to blow?
I AM here!

Where am I you ask?
Father eternal in Glory bask,
Son begotten before the throne pleading,
Spirit within guiding, leading,
Three in one, trinity, here I AM!

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