Sunday, November 11, 2007


My Death
Half spent the waning moon,
misery my only companion.
Drip drip the blood goes,
flowing from my open wrists.

Musing with my final breaths,
wondering what to make of heaven,
wondering what to make of life,
as it flows onto the ground.

Unloving mother and careless friends?
Guilt over sin and sorrow over death?
No these are not the reasons:
God is the reason of my last breath.

Neglecting creator, and hateful father,
tempting seductress and dry spring,
lying of love and joy,
revealing pain and agony.

Send my soul to oblivion,
neither to deceiving heaven,
nor to burning hell,
to nothingness I go.

Drip drip, flows the stream,
ebbing life, dying soul,
drip drip, darkness enclose...
God is that you?

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