Tuesday, December 26, 2006


If my servant would but forsake the foolishness of his lies. If he would reject the self dependency, the ridiculous lie that is his own rightesouness and turn to me. There is salvation and peace for those who turn to me. There is no salvation in any other. He who would be free of sin must frist die to sin, by dying to themself. If you will not die, I cannot set you free. Die to yourself, not in some impertient pompous show of humility, but truly die. Fall into the grave that has been dug by your sin, and let the dirt of your consequences overtake and overwhelm you, and I will set you free. For I do not meet you in strength, nor do I meet you in glory....no I greet you in the grave, clutched by death. Die or else you will never live. Live and sin will never die. Turn from your foolish ways and back to me. Die to your sin, and seek forgivenss and you will be accepted, stand upon your own rightesousness, and never live.

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