Tuesday, December 26, 2006


If God had pity on man, he would rend each of us in two, so that the vile beast within may be seperated from the new man. For we are all two different people living out very different lives in the same body. We are sinners and saints at the same moment. Blessed are those who are ignorant of the war that wages within, and accursed are those who know.

To see two people within your mind, one that seeks only self gratification and destruction, and the other only desiring God. What a wretched war that plagues the mind, heart and soul of any honest man. Anyone who does not experience war and strife is lying to themselves. There is no peace on Earth, there is no hope here.

To live is to sin.....to end one's life is a greater sin full of cowardice. How blessed are those that die young!

Wretched God here my complaint! Why must your servant suffer the burden of sin? Why must i daily be torn in two by the competing desires of my being when I call out to you for release! Are you a deceptive brook? are you a God with no ears for the complaints of your people? or are you even worse: a liar? Answer me! Here my complaint oh most mighty and ever living God. You call me to serve, to prophecy, and then you stand in the way. You call, and yet do another. Why are you two sided? or are you even worse...not there at all?

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