Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am haunted by the divine.....the hidden melody, the eternal harmony, it torments me. I only catch but glimpses, only hear but a chord and then it fades away. I do not belong, I am a sojurner lost in a wilderness of sorrow, lost in the brokeness of the day.

Every bush is afire with God, every sight, every smell, everything hints at the hidden glory, the immutable majesty. Why dont we see it? why do wander aimlessly about doing meaningless tasks ignoring the creeping divine, the omnipresent eternity?

Why do we live these miserable unfulfilled lives so blindly, never seeking more, never desiring the joy beyond the vale?

Oh most gracious loving God! For me to die is gain and to live is Christ! When will you return? when will you carry me from this land of sorrow and into the joy I so bitterly desire? Everywhere I look I see it, in every noise I hear it, everywhere I perceive it, and with such anguished longing I yearn. Oh God! I am faint with longing, burning with bitter passion! Satisfy your servant! release him from the bonds of diminished life and satisfy his all consumming hunger.

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